If you’re over age 45 and would LOVE to play better golf, you need to read about this program…

Are You Frustrated By A Loss Of Distance And Consistency On The Course?

Do You Think Your Golf Game Is Destined To Get Worse Every Year?

Do You Believe Higher Scores Are Inevitable After Age 45?

If you watch the pros play golf on any given weekend, it’s obvious that the game has changed over the past decades.

The guys are fit, lean and super athletic.

They’re hitting the ball further than some courses can handle…even if you factor in all the advances in equipment and technology.

They’re having longer careers…

Suffering fewer injuries…

And playing great golf well into their 40’s and 50’s.

So, what does this mean to you?

Well, even though you’re not as young as you used to be, we understand you’re not quite ready to accept poor scores as part of the deal.

We want to show you that by using a proven set of exercises and stretches, your golf game can take a huge leap forward…and your scores can drop like a stone.

You CAN have the same longevity in your game as the pros do.

Hi! My name is Dan Horras.

I’m a lifelong fan of golf.

More importantly to you, I’m a certified fitness professional with decades of experience helping golfers just like you reclaim their swings and lower their scores.

What’s more, I specialize in working ONLY with men and women over age 45.

My staff and I realize how important strength, mobility and flexibility are to the game of golf. And we also understand the unique challenges golfers over age 45 deal with as they work to maintain and improve their game.

And now, for the first time, we’ve combined our years of knowledge into a comprehensive 6-Week program we call, The Ageless Golf Program.

I can assure you, you won’t find anything like this in the area.

Before we get into the details, I want to ask you something…

What would it mean to you if you could…

  •  Hit the ball longer and straighter off the tee than you did a decade ago
  •  Regain that smooth, effortless swing you used to have
  •  Surprise everyone in your group with your consistent play
  •  Feel yourself crushing the ball in the sweet spot much more often
  •  Avoid those sloppy, “card-killing” shots that come with fatigue
  •  Finish the round with energy to spare while everyone else is dragging

Can one 6-week program really do all that?

In short, absolutely!

We know it’s true, because we’ve helped golfers achieve these type of results year in and year out.

Here’s how it works.

First, when you set up an appointment to come into our facility, we’ll run a full assessment on you to determine your strengths, weaknesses and limitations.

This is the same assessment used by the Titleist Performance Institute…the world’s leading golf experts.

Next, we’ll design a custom program, designed specifically for you.

No cookie-cutter stuff here.

Your golf game isn’t the same as everyone else’s, so why should your workout program be the same?

Then two times per week, for 45 minutes per session, we’ll focus on developing the strength, power and flexibility you need to play the game to your full potential!

All this while reducing your risk of injury and fixing your weak spots.

What can you expect?

For the first time in ages, you’ll experience:

 Improved range of motion…without forcing it
 Greater force development from the ground up…where your true power comes from
 Sustained endurance levels, so you avoid those dribblers and shanks late in the round
 The confidence that comes from smooth timing and speed

This program touches on all the physical traits you need to improve your game.

And It's Guaranteed

“Wait, what? How can you guarantee a program like this” you ask?

Here’s how…

“If you don’t hit the ball straighter and farther once you’ve completed the program,
your next 6 weeks are on me!”

That’s right.

Even without knowing how well you play the game, I’m so confident in the results of this program, I’m willing to give away a spot in the next group for FREE, if we don’t deliver!

Fair enough?

This means the ENTIRE risk is on me to help you play better golf—as it should be!

So, what’s the catch?

Yes, there’s a catch… (well it’s more like a “warning” than a “catch” really).

Because these sessions are so individualized, we are forced to limit the number of participants in each session.

How would you feel if you walked up to the first tee and saw 20 golfers waiting around…all looking to tee up?

Not happening right?

Same here.

There’s just a certain way to do things…

We give you the attention you need to progress safely while we coach your technique the whole way.

As a result, each session is capped at 8 individuals.

No cattle calls allowed.

We have a finite number of spots available.

And since these groups do fill up, we strongly recommend you contact us as soon as you can, to secure your spot.

 Class Dates and Times

 Classes begin
          11/12 and run through 1/9/20 
Tuesday and Thursday's 7:15am -8:00am 

(We will break for Thanksgiving and Christmas)
  (Please let us know if you need a different time)

TPI Pre and Post Class Assessment, 
($299 Value)
12 - 45 Min.Classes, 
Individualized stretch program

To Recieve Your Free Instant Golf Excercise Guide
The 7 Exercises And Stretches 
You’re NOT Doing To Improve Your Golf Game

If you’ve decided you refuse to let your game slip away, the time to act is now!

Progress will NOT come easier in a year or five years from today.

Never let your age determine your score again!

Contact us today and experience The Ageless Golf Program.

We look forward to working with you.

Committed to your game,

Dan Horras

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